Volunteering and traveling in Argentina to proclaim God's great love, and hopefully not getting sick along the way.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Dream a little dream

I think part of my line of dreaming/thinking is a conversation I was having with a friend about missions. That night, I was whisked away to an unknown airport and they told me I was waiting to go to Japan.

I kind of flipped, because, in case it wasn't clear, I am enamored by Argentina. I love that I get to go for two more years (at least). So to hear incessantly, "Your ticket hasn't arrived yet," I was both in shock and in denial. Or something like denial I imagine.

I am going to Argentina!!

When I awoke I realized that I am not going to Japan anytime soon, but I knew someone who was. Or at least someone who was trying to. I was reminded of ole Henry and began to pray for those doors to be opened to him.

On another note, I was reading Matthew and re-examined the first two years of Jesus' life. It's amazing how many dreams of caution and guidance are involved. You should count them to see what I mean.

Then I went to Real Life a week later. I was surprised to see the very Henry I was referring to, hanging out with the ole Cru gang (I certainly like the adjective 'ole', huh? Can't explain it.). So I went up to him and asked him about the future in Asia.

Sure enough, just last week, he was offered a job that would allow his return. Astonished, I shared with him and we both praised God. I jumped up and down for him because I know what it feels like for God to answer longings such as these.

God bless 'em.

Monday, October 22, 2012

It never ceases to amaze

Even from the most unlikely of places, in the most strangest of moments, God provides yet again.

Almost everything I have had the benefit of participating in, has been covered by a friend. Even something as simple as seeing the must-see film Argo. To going to the DMA (and seeing some sweet posters by Toulouse-Lautrec). Food. Starbucks (I don't even love Starbucks, but I like it). etc. etc.

I. Am. Blessed.

Thank you Lord for the various ways in which you are providing the support I need for two more years in Argentina. I trust that this is where I belong.

Thank you friends: Heather and Richard, Christi, the Ammermans, the Avaras, the Masons, everyone who came to Painting with a Twist.. the list seems pretty endless right now.

A lot of love to be received allows for even more to give.


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

You think

..you have enough time for everything. But you simply don't.

It's okay though, as a lot has been done. I just don't know how I can get everything else taken care again before it's already November 12 or so (pending departure date).

The good news is Nolan is with us for the next three weeks at least. I will be gone for half a week (Chicago!), but the remainder of this week is me and Nolan focused time. It's an exciting moment as he is starting to talk so we can understand each other a little better, which is especially important when he needs stuff. Like diaper changes or eating and the like. haha.

I will want to comment on the awesome Longoria - Thiboddeaux wedding that took place last weekend, and other key hangouts, but I am sort of on the exhausted side of things for now. That is, no more time for internet.. must.. get.. some.. sleep...

(and Joy, I will eventually get back to your email as well. thanks for your comment!)


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The main reverse cultural shocks would be...

Drumroll please?

- Refills. I had taken my time to drink my sweet tea from Chick Fil A only to remember that I could drink more. Lots and lots more!

- Cars. They are so big! And the highways too. I like the smooth highways...

- Eating at 6pm. It's not so bad since there's a two hour time difference. It makes the transition easier, however, still strange.

- Baseball movies. I love baseball. Missed it. It's nice to see on tv every once and awhile, that's all.

- Carpet. Dishwashers. General things in the house that we just don't have in Argentina.

- Paying tax and getting change. Thankfully I remembered to calculate the 8% tax when I bought the dress(es) for my cousin's wedding this weekend. Additionally, it was strange to get pennies back and to not be asked, "Do you have coins?" haha

- Driving. A sweet ride, and I am very thankful for it!

- Fans. We have air conditioning (sometimes). But other than your box fan, a fan from the ceiling is uber difficult to come by.

Not a cultural shock, but important nonetheless.. I am currently missing out on springtime. I appreciate the warm weather of Texas, and I know I will love the colors of the leaves at Northwestern. But I love spring, and I'm a bit sad to be missing it :(

Asi es la vida. Chau for now!

Thursday, October 4, 2012


I am still a day and a half away from going to Texas. At first, I felt as if I should have gone home first, but now I definitely feel like this time is necessary.

Everyone should debrief, and possibly debrief everything they ever do, haha. No, but seriously. I have seen with children, after a game, it is so important to talk about the point of the game. What did you learn about yourself during the game? What do you think will happen the next time you play? They can be cheesy questions to a point, and yet oh so critical.

They teach you to think about the things you do and why you do them. They teach you, as Vicky said, that "people are never boring."

There is always something to be learned. About yourself, about others. About what NOT to do the next time..

Pardon me, I wrote all of the above while needing to go to the bathroom. You can imagine a gal swaying back and forth on the stool in the lobby where there are two free computers to use. Typing furiously. When no one was around, I ran to the bathroom, came back, read this and thought, "How rushed!!"

How silly.

Debriefing is cool. A picture to come.


Monday, October 1, 2012

I don't like goodbyes

I suppose no one does. No one is saying, "Woohoo! I get to say goodbye to some of my best friends today!"


But what's weird with these goodbyes is that I know I will be seeing them again. A month and a half just feels like a long time. Especially for my girls in the institute. And some of the kids from Escuelita.. and the youth group.. ahhh...

What is interesting about goodbyes though is you learn who really cares. I was surprised, for instance, with Lucy and my profe Lorena from swimming classes. Both of them gave me hugs and wished me well. Oh, and then the woman who you have to check in with to get to swimming class. She came from around the desk to wish me a buen viaje. Lindo.

At the institute, all of the girls gave me good hugs, as well as a lot of the directors. I sincerely hope that Mariela and Nieves keep going even if I'm not there. I'm sort of leaving this time as a test for them, to see if they'll go without me reminding them. Nah.. I'll probably remind them anyway because it's important the girls know how much they are loved!

I'm about to meet with Flor for our final mates before November; then to the Rodriguez house for the evening (as well as el Refugio with all the kids who call me Seño Messi!). Tomorrow morning, I'll make a few more Argentine purchases and then it's so long Córdoba for a bit! Oh how I am already thinking about missing you!

Another fun fact.. or two. I preached in Spanish last night, and it was so fun for me! I think I even made sense. haha. For this reason, I use visuals (powerpoint), so that in case they don't understand the language, the pictures behind me will help. I talked about Story. If you want the notes, I can send them to you!

Then, there is the super fun news of how proud I am of the institute girls. They made enough bracelets for the Painting with a Twist class my dad will be giving in October (this month! ahh!), and 50 more. FIFTY MORE!! Way to go Ale and Flor! Flor was so funny, saying she isn't going to touch any string (hilo) until I get back. Understandable! Nevertheless, it was good to talk about the need to have a good quantity always ready if they hope to sell in a fair someday!

That's all for now.