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Friday, June 6, 2014

One of a kind

Every day has become a tic mark. I have numbered the days, 99 till I am a Romero(!!!!), and in some ways it helps me make sure I get errands done--gifts for all supporters, check--but in others it has made me weary. Fridays and Saturdays are spent indoors with one or two souls, sharing a meal and maybe a movie. Going out means spending the money that I need to live for the next couple of months during the transition.

And then there are these unique experiences that I do not even know if I could explain them to you. The only other time where I had to get an official visa was when I went to Russia. The company with whom I went, took care of that paperwork. This time, my parents from afar, and I from more or less of a distance, without a lawyer, have to help not one, but three people obtain a visa for the very stringent US of A.

It has been a long process. A relief, that Cristian's parents now have theirs. But now we wait for at least 8 more business days to find out when Cris can have his interview and be given his first and only visa. We are on a clock, as the plane tickets have already been bought, the wedding date set, the approval for the visa lasting only until the end of June. I shouldn't worry, especially when verses like these, appear in my morning devotionals:

Trust in the Lord with all your heart..

The Lord is your security..

The Lord leads with unfailing love and faithfulness...

Nevertheless, I wait. We wait. And waiting, waiting while an entirely new world looks upon us in two short months. English, wedding prep and wedding, honeymoon (what?!), married life, first time on our own apartment, living by the sweat of our brow... culture shock and reverse-culture shock all in one. More paperwork.

This will be a ride, and it will require a new blog. But for now, I make comments on the day to day life in fast forward (and no particular order) mode:

Preaching about Michaelangelo and James Dean
Reading about Jesus with the girls in the institute (three weeks left!!)
Birthday party madness with Rocklet pancakes, great friends, Betos and Awkward
Bracelet making (55. my IQ?)
Visa configuring and meeting a woman from Mendoza
Hearing friend's testimonies for the first time
Pre-teens experiencing Jesus

love and chau!

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