Volunteering and traveling in Argentina to proclaim God's great love, and hopefully not getting sick along the way.


What does "Salud. Plata. Amor." mean any way?

So imagine someone sneezes. In the States, you would find yourself probably responding "Bless you." Short for "God bless you," but who's counting?

Well in Argentina, and I hear in many Latin American countries, you would respond to the first sneeze with "Salud." If the person sneezes again (in the moment), you would say "Plata," or money. Some countries use "Dinero," but for me that's just too many syllables. And of course after the third, you guessed it, "Amor."

I like this tradition, although translating this hasn't always worked out except for me unless what I am looking for is funny stares, then I'm golden! I also play with the words, hence the tagline. I mean, it's kind of helpful to be healthy, to have a little money (though not too much!), and of course... love.

Agape love via Jesus Christ :)

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